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Rules & Regulations

Conduct and Discipline

A student, whether boarder or Day Scholar, shall abide by the rules & regulations of the college and shall not involve himself / herself in any objectionable conduct such as violation of college discipline, disobedience of instructions of authorities, immoral conduct or disorderly behaviors of any manner including " ragging" .
In case a student found to be involved in any of said undesirable activities, he / she shall be liable for expulsion from the Institution without assigning any reason.
Students shall conduct themselves within and outside the premises of the college in a manner befitting the prestige of a premier college.
Students are required to enter into the classroom in time.
Students are required to participate in all sorts of activities related to the institution.
Students shall show due respect to the teachers of the college, the Superintendents/Asst.Superintendents of hostels. Proper courtesy and consideration should be extended to the employees of the college and of the hostels. They shall also pay due attention and courtesy to visitors.
Students are required to develop a friendly relation with fellow students. Particularly they are expected to show kind and cordial consideration to the new entrants admitted to the college every year. Ragging of newcomers in any form is banned by law.. Act of ragging will be considered as gross indiscipline and will be severely dealt with.
The following act of omission and / or commission shall constitute gross violation of the code of conduct and are liable to invoke disciplinary measures.
Lack of courtesy, decorum and indecent behaviour any where within or outside the campus.
Willful damage or stealthy removal of any property / belongings of the college or fellow students.
Possession, consumption or distribution of alcoholic drinks or nay kind of hallucinogenic drugs.
Adoption of unfair means in the examination.
Inviting outside elements to the college or Hostel premises without prior permission of the authorities.
Unauthorized absence from the class, examination and Hostels.
Attempt or persuading others to attempt, towards boycott or postponement of classes, examination and tests which are duly notified by college authorities , being present in college / hostel or it’s vicinity.
Collecting money unauthorized in the name of the college
Noisy and unseemly behaviour disturbing studies of fellow students.
Commensurate with the gravity of offense the punishment may be reprimand, time expulsion from the hostel, debarment from an examination, rustication for a specified period or even outright expulsion from the college.
Students are issued Identity Cards which must be in their possession while in the college or outside whenever demanded or required.

Harrassment of Junior / Ragging

Harassment of juniors / ragging by the seniors brings in untold miseries and the hardship to the juniors. Not only it involves perpetuation of acts or harassment and criminal intimidation but also it is likely to end in physical assault or any other acts permissible under law. Therefore both the Judiciary and the Administration, both at the Center and the State, are keenly keeping watch over all Institution.
With a view to curbing the menace of ragging in the educational institution, the University Grants Commissions at the instance of the honourable Supreme Court constituted a committee to frame guidelines in this regard. As per their report the Government of India have already banned ragging through several ordinances. The state Government also have promulgated orders banning ragging. Here are some guidelines , which all students are advised to follow.
Harassment of juniors in any form , mental or physical will be construed as serous office . Inflicting any moral turpitude in the minds of any of the inmates ( juniors in particular ) will attract severe disciplinary action .
Ragging inside or outside of the campus / hostel is alien to our culture and hence is prohibited. The following could be possible punishments for those who are found guilty of participation in / abetment of ragging / harassment of juniors.
Cancellation of admission
Suspension from attending classes.
Withholding / withdrawing scholarship and other benefits.
Debarring from appearing in any test / examination or other equivalent process.
Withholding result .
Suspension or expulsion from the hostels..
Rustication from the Institution.
Expulsion from the Institution and consequent debarring from admission to any other institution.
Imposition heavy penalty.
Prosecution under law of the land.
The Regulation mentioned above may be modified from time to time depending on the circumstances and will be binding by the student.


All students are required to wear the college uniform on all working days in the college Blazer and Uniform ( as specified by the Institute from time to time ) is compulsory for all students during the college hours . Blazer is basically for winter season .
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