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Diploma in Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical Engineering is a creative discipline that draws open a numer of basic and applied science to design, build and optimise the devices, Machines, Process and Systems that involve mechanical forces, work and energy. The emerging areas in this branch are mechatronics, computational fluid dynamics, computer aided designing and computer aided manufacturing. In the Human civilization has progressed by discovering & harnessing various energy resources, energy conversion processes, energy utilization machines etc. Various energies like chemical, thermal, sound, heat, light,mechanical, electrical & so many. Among all these, Electrical Engineering has occupied top position like every pyramid. real world, mechanical engineers working in various fields like material production design of machine components, automobile engineering and steam power plants have deal with various problems with the help of these technologies. Students persuing B-Tech in Mechanical Engineering are having a wide carrer opportunities in various fields of engineering. They can be accomodated in the emerging area of engineering viz, power plants, steel industries, aeronautics, plastic & rubber industries, vairous manufacturing and production companies, textile indistry, automobile engineering, marine engineering, mining sector etc. The department has well furnished laboratory equiped with machine shop, strength of material lab, heat power lab, hydraulic lab and well equiped mechanical engineering workshop.

List of Laboratories

There are five well equipped Computer Laboratories to meet the need of the Mechanical students. They are:

Basic Electrical LabElectrical Machines Lab
Network & Instrumentation LabPower Electronics Lab
Control, Simulation & VLSI Lab

Material Testing & Dynamic Lab

Digital Universal testing machine of capacity 20 tons used for tensile test, bending test, compression test, shear test.
Brinell hardness testing machine.
Izode/ Charpy impact testing machine
Rockwell hardness testing machine.
Flywheel to find moment of inertia.
Beam deflection apparatus to determine Young's modulus of different materials.
Heat Power & Thermal Engineering Lab.
Diesel Engine Test Rig for heat balance and load test.


The following Machines are installed:
6 Nos of Lathe, 2 Nos of Milling apart from this there are Slotting, Surface Grinder, Planner Machines, Shaper, Power Hacksaw, Grinder, Pillar-type Drilling machine, Arc Welding machines and Gas Welding machines to help the students to perform all the required experiments with ease.

Head Of Department

Prof. S. Singh
B.tech, M.Tech, PhD-Thermal Engg
Corporate Address

House no-2, Harsapriya Homes, Near Hill Side Nursing Home, Khandagiri, Bhubaneswar Website : www.spintronicbbsr.org
T : 9861167018 (O)
E mail: admission@spintronicbbsr.org

Campus Address

STAR Valley, Near IIT,Bhubaneswar At/Po : Taraboi, Jatni, Pin : 752050
T: 06755-242155
E mail: principal.spintronic@gmail.com
E mail: principal@spintronicbbsr.org

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